The holiday season is here folks and that means that many of us preparing to visit our loved ones to share this special time of year with them. So, wherever you are traveling to this holiday season, make sure you prepare your home for your absence. Failing to winterize your home can lead to extensive water damage while you’re gone, so get prepared early this holiday season and here why:
1. How to prevent frozen pipes
The first step is to shut down the water utility entirely while you’re away. It’s best to turn off the water meter with the meter or call a plumber to have the meter turned off prior to when you leave for the holidays. You should also open all the water faucets and valves in your home to let the water drain from the pipes. When the water has completely drained, then you need to turn off the main shut-off valve inside your home but remember to leave the faucets open and the meter turned off. It is also essential that you wrap all exterior pipes as well as pipes in unheated areas with insulation (polyurethane or fiberglass pipe insulation should do the trick).
2. How to protect your appliances
It’s best to address every plumbing fixture and appliance in your home that connects to the water supply. This means disconnecting and draining the washing matching hoses, the ice maker water line, and dishwasher’s supply. It is also important to turn off the water heater and drain the water from the tank.
If you find that you run into a plumbing emergency over the holiday break, then Mike’s Plumbing and Heating is who you want to call. Leaks, clogged drains, broken down water heaters, just happen sometimes. Don’t let your plumbing problems get you down this holiday season. Put your plumbing problems into the hands of a master plumber and relax we’ll take care of it!
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