When is it time to call a plumber?

There are some plumbing issues you can handle on your own, but some need to be addressed by a professional. Below are four things that require a professional plumber’s assistance.

The faucet won’t stop dripping
A dripping faucet isn’t a big deal, right? Wrong. Unrepaired, a leak of 1 drip per second can waste as much as 3,000 gallons of water a year! Worse yet, the leak could be indicative of a bigger plumbing problem. You can try your own hand at fixing the leak, but if that doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to call in the professionals. A residential plumber can get to the source of the trouble.

Your bathtub won’t drain
A bathtub clog must be dealt with immediately. It will only worsen with time, and you’ll be left with standing water in your tub. A plumber can clear the obstruction and check to be certain it isn’t part of a bigger problem. You can save yourself time and aggravation by addressing the problem early. Call in a professional as soon as your tub begins draining slowly, before it escalates to a full clog.

Water isn’t flowing correctly
Poor or inconsistent water pressure throughout your home can be a problem. If it’s only in the shower or a faucet or two, it may simply be a matter of cleaning mineral buildup out of the fixture. However, widespread problems with water flow could be indicative of a bigger issue with the supply line. A plumber will know how to both diagnose and fix the problem to restore your water pressure to normal.

Your toilet’s clogged and the plunger isn’t helping Other than burst pipes, there’s nothing quite so urgent as a toilet clog a plunger can’t clear. The problem could be a sewage line issues too big for your basic plunger. Rather than scratch the porcelain or do other damage by trying to break the clog up yourself, call in an expert with the tools and expertise to get your toilet working again.