How to Prevent Plumbing From Going South While on Vacation!

How to Prevent Plumbing From Going South While on Vacation!

You’ve probably been so excited to go on vacation for a while now, so why end a great vacation by coming home to a plumbing disaster? While you’re enjoying the beach with your family, a small leak can turn into a terrible problem.

Make sure to safeguard your home against plumbing disasters by checking out the advice below.

Check the Flapper Valve

The flapper valve is something in your toilet tank that allows it to refill after every flush. Sometimes flapper valves can get hung up, causing them to not form a proper seal or close. If this happens, the water will continue to run in vain to fill up the tank. When you’re at home, you can easily hear the water running and quickly fix theproblem. However, if you’re not in your home, the water will continue to run, increasing your water bill.

Shut Off the Main Water Supply

If you are going on vacation for several weeks, it may bring peace to your mind if you shut off the main water supply. This will include that no leaks will happen while you’re away, preventing that image in your head where you come home to find significant water damage. Even if you are not going on vacation in the future, it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with where your main water supply shut-off is and how it functions. That way, during an emergency, you will be able to easily find the main water supply and shut it off.

Shut Off Hot Water Heater

If you shut off the main water supply, make sure you also shut off the hot water heater. If you leave your hot water heater on without proper water supply, it will still continue to heat, causing damage. Hot water heaters are used to heat water for showers, baths, and cleaning dishes and clothes. However, if no one is staying in your home while being on vacation, there is no need to keep the system running.

Have Someone Check In

No doubt, you have a list of things to complete before heading for the airport. For example, when people leave for extended vacations, it’s common to have a friend or family member stop by the house to collect the newspaper and check the mail or to water the plants. However, make sure the person staying in your home also checks the house for plumbing issues. A quick walk through the house should suffice to catch any leaking pipes before they become a larger problem. This plan can save you from extensive water damage after a soothing vacation.