Going Away for the Holidays? Prepare your Hot Water Tank!

Going Away for the Holidays? Prepare your Hot Water Tank!

The holiday season is finally here folks! And that means lots of family gatherings, lots of wrapping presents, and even more traveling to see your loved ones! Many leave people their homes for an extended period of time during the holiday season so remember to check your hot water heater before you embark on your holiday travels this year. After all, it doesn’t require any maintenance when you’re at home. But if you neglect to check your hot water heater you could be opening yourself up to a whole pleather of potential disasters. And before you know it you could be coming home from a relaxing vacation with family and friends to a basement flooded with water. Here are simple tips you can follow to avoid water damage:

  1. Shut Off Your Water Line and Drain Water Lines

Find the main valve in your basement and turn it so that the water stops to flow. Once the water is off your going to want to drain the water line, this is crucial if you live in a very cold are and are leaving your house for a long period of time because the water in the line could freeze causing the pipes to crack.

  1. Refill a Hot Water Tank

It is important to be careful when refilling your hot water heater. When you have returned let your water tank fill up before you turn the heat on, otherwise, you will burn out the heater in your tank. Turn your water lines on, wait 15 to 20 minutes, and test the water flow by turning on a faucet. If the water is running at a constant steady stream, then you should be able to turn the heat back on in the tank.

  1. Turn Down the Temperature in your Hot Water Tank

If you don’t want to turn the water off and you’re not concerned about the pipes bursting, then consider turning down the heat in your water heater. Keep the water warm but not cold, this should reduce your heating bill since your water tank is drawing energy to keep the water at the temperature you have it set as.

  1. Hot Water Tanks – Vacation Mode

Some hot water heaters come with a vacation mode. This setting will allow you specific controls over how cold water in your tank will get and turn it off and on.


Taking a trip to your basement before you head out on your vacation is a wise idea and may even save you a trip to the insurance company when you get back home! But if you find yourself with a broken water heater then you need have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible! Call Mike’s Plumbing & Heating today! We have the tools and skills you need to have your water heater working efficiently and meet the needs of your family.

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