Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposals

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The handy garbage disposal is a great appliance. Its main purpose is to get rid of a variety of food scraps  that creates unpleasant smells in the kitchen. However, if your garbage disposal gets clogged it can jam up for hours.  A garbage disposal is one of those home appliances we take for granted, until one day it starts to clog up. A garbage disposal can clog up for several reasons. Such as, poor drainage or food materials not being grounded up properly. Since the holidays are coming up, we wanted to address the warning signs of a clogged garbage disposal. Here’s what you can do to prevent your disposal from getting clogged.

How to know your garbage disposal may be clogged

Some of the first signs you may notice when your garbage disposal is clogged is the unit making a lot of noise. This means that the waste is not being grinded up correctly and a mess will appear at the waste discharge pipe in the garbage disposal.  Lastly, you will notice the smell of an odor from the garbage disposal. This should give you an indication that the food is not being drained properly.

How to Prevent a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Some of the biggest enemies of pipes and drains is oil, grease, and food. It’s essential that you are careful when you clean the dishes because you can overload the disposal with leftover food. Grease from pots and pans will sit in the sink and every time you turn on the water, grease can flow from the dishes sitting in the sink into the drain. In addition, large chunks of food are not nearly small enough for the pipes to digest. You should try to avoid from putting food waste such as potato skins, banana peels, and coffee grounds down the garbage disposal. Another way you can prevent your garbage disposal from getting clogged is by not packing the disposal with too much materials. If you overload the disposal  it can be too much for the pipes to digest at one time.

So, don’t let a clogged garbage disposal get in the way of your plans this upcoming holiday season! Call Mike’s Plumbing and Heating to have your garbage disposals maintenance today!

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