Common Furnace Problems

It’s never a great day when you finally escape winters harsh temperatures to discover your furnace is not greeting you with warm air. But that doesn’t mean you should immediately break out the tools, we strongly recommend trying to fix your furnace on your own, especially when it comes to gas furnaces. If you try to DIY your repair, then you may end up with a bigger issue then just a cold home. Here are 4 common furnace problems to look out for.
1. No Heat
Lack of heat may be associated with the thermostat or closed valves. During operation, propane or gas valves may close. This can inhibit a regular flow of fuel into the furnace.
2. Blower Does Not Turn Off
If your blower runs continuously it could mean that it could be connected to a thermostat setting or faulty fan. Check the thermostat fan setting to see if it is on continuous if so you need to adjust it so that it takes a break. The other possibility could mean that the control switch on the fan may be faulty and needs to replace in order to allow the blower to turn off.
3. Frequent On-Off Activity
The purpose of a gas furnace is to turn on and off during operation. However, if your furnace frequently is in on-off action there may be a problem with some component in the system. Check the thermostat, belt, and blower motor. Thermostat problems can usually be corrected through minor adjustments in the setting.

4. Noisy Operations
There are various unusual noises that may be heard while the furnace is working. A rumbling sound could indicate that the pilot light is not properly set or a dirty gas burner.
Whatever the circumstance maybe it is always important to call a professional for help. So, put your heating problems into the hands of a master heating repair service technician. Call Mike’s Plumbing & Heating today!
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