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Plumbing Repair

Plumbing problems are a major inconvenience

When you experience plumbing problems in your home, you can’t wait… they need to be fixed fast. We arrive on time and explain your repair options. We provide pricing before we start the job and the price we quote is the price you pay.

Whether it’s fixing an overflowing toilet, installing new sinks, toilets, showers or garbage disposals, unclogging drains, or repairing leaking pipes or faucets, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. It pays to have leaky toilets and fixtures repaired before they cause damage to your property. The best protection is a Service Partner Plan. Talk to Mike’s today enrolling in our Service Partner Plan.

Mike’s Plumbing and Heating
Mike’s Plumbing and Heating

Plumbing Fixtures

Quality plumbing fixtures make a difference

New kitchen and bath fixtures can significantly improve the look and functionality of your home. Mike’s Plumbing & Heating will provide you with the very best selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or distinctive finishes, these packages are designed to add style and elegance to your kitchen and bathroom. Want to purchase your own plumbing fixtures? Great, our highly skilled plumbers will professionally install them.

Mike’s also offers outstanding sales, service and installation of toilets. We can install any brand or model you like and our work and your satisfaction are guaranteed 100%.

Sewer Repair Service

A backed up sewer or drain can’t wait another day!

Mike’s Plumbing & Heating provides professional sewer and drain services for unclogging kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, bathtubs, grease trap lines, floor drains and all other drain lines from the toilet to the main sewer line. We utilize the latest in video inspection technology to see exactly where the problem is in any drain line.

Once the problem is located, our highly trained plumbers will provide you with solutions and tell you the exact cost before any sewer or drain work begins. When the work is completed the price we quoted is the price you pay. All of our work is 100% guaranteed!

Mike’s Plumbing and Heating
Mike’s Plumbing and Heating

Sump Pump Replacement

Keep water where it should be in your home!

Water should not be on your basement floor! A sump pump is your best defense against flooding and costly clean up. Unfortunately, you never know when a sump pump may fail, so it pays to have it checked regularly. When it’s time to replace or upgrade your sump pump, Mike’s Plumbing & Heating carries a complete line of sump pumps.

Your sump pump should always have a battery back-up system so it works if the power is out. Call Mike’s today and keep your basement dry and protected.

Tankless Water Heaters

All the hot water you want, when you want it!

Don’t endure the inconvenience of running out of hot water ever again. Now you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water with a tankless water heater. When the demand for hot water stops, the tankless unit shuts down and uses no energy.

This is a revolutionary advantage over inefficient, conventional tank style heaters, which heat and reheat water continuously whether you’re using it or not, wasting energy and costing you money. A tankless system lets you enjoy energy savings of up to 40% and all of the hot water you need…whenever you need it. We will professionally install your tankless water heater, haul away the old water heater and thoroughly clean the work area.

Mike’s Plumbing and Heating
Mike’s Plumbing and Heating

Bio Clean Drain Cleaner

Green products safe for your home and the environment

Bio-Clean is a completely different way to eliminate grease, hair, food, sewage and other materials that can cause blockages, odors and costly damage to your home’s drains and sewer pipes. Bio-Clean is a non-poisonous blend of bacteria and enzymes. The friendly bacteria actually eat away the build up, leaving behind only water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash. The bacteria continue to multiply, thriving on their natural food source (the build up in your pipes and drains) completely cleaning your home’s entire plumbing system.

This is a truly innovative and environmentally friendly way to clean all drains and is commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and other places subject to stringent health inspections. Mike’s Plumbing & Heating has Bio-Clean available for purchase.


We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your Plumbing Services. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now.


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