How to Detect a Natural Gas Leak

How to Detect a Natural Gas Leak

How to Detect a Natural Gas Leak

If you have a natural gas appliance in your home, then knowing how to detect a natural gas leak is a must. Discovering a leak is a matter of safety. Here are some tips to help you detect a gas leak.

1. Safety First

If you suspect that there is a gas leak in your home, immediately open the windows to let fresh air in. Remove your family and pets from the situation and call a professional for help. A gas leak can be a serious matter.

2. Detecting by Odor

In its natural state, natural gas is odorless. However, gas suppliers add a scent to appliances so that it can be detected if there is a leak. This smell has been said to smell like rotten eggs. At any rate, the smell is strong and unpleasant and there is absolutely no mistaking it. This smell should be your first line of defense in detecting a leak. Determine which of your appliances in your home uses natural gas to see if the appliance has an odor that is stronger. If you are able to determine where the odor is coming from, turn off the gas to that appliance until it can be repaired.

3. Detecting by Sound

While your checking for gas leaks by odor then listen for a hissing sound. In order for the sound to be heard it might be a substantial leak, so beware and follow all safety rules.

4. Watch the Flame’s Color

Another way to detect a natural gas is to pay attention to the color of your stove’s flame. This is one safety check you should conduct every time you turn on your burner. When your cooking, get into the habit of looking for changes in the color of the flame. What you want is a crisp, blue flame, this will indicate that everything is working properly. Whereas if you see less blue and more orange or yellow, then you might be in trouble. If you see an orange or yellow flame, then that may indicate that there is a problem with the flow of gas.

Gas leaks are an extremely dangerous matter and often needs the utilities to be turned off. If you detect a gas odor or leak, call Mike’s Plumbing and Heating right away! We will ensure that the problem is fixed quickly and safely. So, relax, we’ll take care of it!
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