6 Reasons Why Your Toilet Clogs Easily

6 Reasons Why Your Toilet Clogs Easily

6 Reasons Why Your Toilet Clogs Easily

Having issues with your toilet? Not sure why its clogs no matter what? Here are 6 reasons why your toilet clogs all the time.

1. You’re clogging it!

Yes, you read that right. You could be the reason why your toilet clogs. And by that, we mean that you may be putting things in the toilet that have no business being there. These items include feminine hygiene products, napkins, dental floss, paper towels, non-flushable baby wipes, diapers, and so much more. Keep these items out of your toilet and that could clear up your chronic clogging issue.

2. You have a low-flow or a dual flush toilet

Low-flow toilets typically only use half the amount of water compared to full-flush toilets. Another reason could be that the toilet can’t take the load it’s being given. The flush is likely too weak to handle.

3. Your flapper needs fixing.

Your flapper is a round device that sits inside the tank and controls the flush of your toilet. If the flapper is broken, it will reduce the power of your flush If you lift up the tank to see that the flap closes too early then it’s time to replace it.

4. Your holes are blocked.

The portholes are located under the edge or rim of your toilet. Use a handle mirror to see if they are clogged due to too hard water deposits or debris.

5. Your tank is empty.

Is the water up to the fill line? Take a peek inside your toilet. If not, try adjusting the float so more water comes in.

6. Your drain line is clogged.

There could possibly be a backup in the drain line that is causing your toilet to constantly clog. Look at your other lines and drains to see if they may be closed as well, such as your washing machine. If so, then you will need to call Mike’s Plumbing and Heating.

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